About The Biosa Family

Thanks for Taking the Time to Know Us!

Niels and Carla

This is Niels Wandler with his wife, Carla.  Niels is the inspiration behind Biosa Inc and our lovingly crafted Vita Biosa10+ recipe.

He is also our brewmaster who attentively watches each batch as if they were his children.

Probiotics Pioneers

Back in the mid-1990s in Denmark, Niels and a few friends started experimenting with “good bacteria” on farms in an attempt to find a sustainable alternative to feeding dangerous antibiotics to pigs and dairy cows.

What started off as a cause to do well by animals has since grown to a probiotics brand and company that is dedicated to spreading the word about beneficial microbes for all life.

Life, no matter how big or small, is all interconnected.

Today, Niels is the President of Biosa™ Inc. based out of Hamilton Canada.  He’s always available to chat about what probiotics can do for you, your family, the environment and all life on earth.

Call Niels at 1.905.357.0800

Crystal with Family


Crystal Wong Kruger and her young family love nature and technology.  With an extensive education combining an Engineering Science degree and an MBA, it wasn’t just the incredible potential of Vita Biosa10+ that drew her to Biosa™ Inc.

It was direct personal experience.

When she first met Niels in early 2013, she was given a 500 mL bottle of Vita Biosa (back then we hadn’t added the “10+” yet to the name).

Being a healthy eater who doesn’t normally crave a lot of sweets, she immediately took to the unique flavour of the fermented probiotic drink.

Then, curiosity took and she wanted more.  After about 6 weeks of drinking Vita Biosa daily she started noticing changes to her body that were the result of an improved digestive system.

I feel as if I have a new body!

With the timing perfect for her to take on a new challenge, she felt as if Biosa could fulfil a void that was in her life.  She’d had a suspicion that “ancient wisdom and modern technology” were two opposite ends of a spectrum that could meet better in the middle.  And she was starting to experience first-hand how truly the environment and what you eat affect your body which in turn affects your mind and sense of well-being.

Fast forward to 2014 and she’s now, as CEO of Biosa™ Inc., on a mission to bring Vita Biosa 10+ to the awareness of as many people as possible.

It’s the wonderful experiences people have with Vita Biosa10+ that keep us inspired and motivated every day.  We hope to meet you in the near future and to hear your story.

Please write us at yummytummy@vitabiosa.com or give us a call at 1.905.357.0800.

Your friends at Biosa Inc.,

Niels and Crystal