Probiotics Brands

Biosa makes more than just Vita Biosa10+ for people



If you’re looking for a product for your own digestive and overall health, take a look at our Vita Biosa10+ fermented drink. It’s a favourite among those looking for a liquid probiotic (and not a pill or powder) and is our best-selling brand.

Based on the very same principles that a healthy gut contributes to general well-being, we brew products with beneficial microbes for life of all kinds.

This should be no surprise as bacteria have been on earth for over 3 billion years and really are everywhere.

Mother nature is all about balance so where there are bad microbes we need probiotics.

You can read more about our history here or take a look at our corporate site,  The short version of it is, we first started on farms giving probiotics to livestock like pigs and dairy cows.  It wasn’t long before farmers started applying our effective micro-organisms to their soil using our brand Terra Biosa.

Through word-of-mouth, curiosity and sheer serendipity customers started asking us to help out with all sorts of issues which led us to develop more commercial products based on our signature triple-fermentation of carefully selected beneficial microbes.

Our best-selling probiotics brands include:


Commercial Bee Hive

Apiara Biosa for Bees

You may have heard of the “CCD” epidemic which stands for Colony Collapse Disease which is a sort of catch all phrase used to describe the mysterious and sudden collapse of whole bee hives.  Bees are an integral and vital part of our food chain with some estimates of their direct/indirect impact as high as 90% of all the food we eat.  Many of us may think of bees as nothing more than providers of sweet honey but their most important function comes from pollinating our fruits, nuts and seeds.  And they are dying.  By the millions of hives worldwide….and no one knows exactly why.

We take a different approach: address the bee’s overall well-being starting with strong digestive health.

Commercial bee keepers have been using Biosa products for bees for years across Europe and North America.

We’ve had the honour to be a part of many studies conducted to observe the benefits that good gut bacteria can confer on honey bees.  Just like how the cause of CCD is still unknown, we also don’t know exactly what is happening when bees drink Biosa….but we can guess.  What we have seen are happier beekeepers and healthier bee colonies.


Equina Biosa for HorsesJumping Horse

Horses have a serious if not unique problem when it comes to their digestion: they can’t vomit.

That might make them sound like the ideal house guest after a full night of binge drinking but the messy truth is, our ability to reject bad elements from our stomachs helps us.  In all seriousness, regurgitation is the body’s natural defence mechanism to rid itself of unknown toxins and horses lack this ability.  Here’s an interesting short explanation if you want to read more.

Given this difficulty, you can imagine how important digestive health is for horses…and for their owners.

Some time ago in Scandinavia, where coincidentally Biosa was born, warmblood horse breeders started giving our probiotics to their jumpers, back-riding and show horses.  We developed a unique recipe which includes organic garlic and lemongrass to help not only with digestion but to also help reduce the fly pressure that is a pervasive challenge in stables.


CelerySprouts-ABTestTerra Biosa for Soil

The picture to the right says it all.

This is a photo of 7-day old celery sprouts grown under identical conditions except one set was given Terra Biosa probiotics and the other not….and we think you can guess which.

Many people ask us where we get our bacteria – and we do source them directly from top labs (read our How’s Vita Biosa Made article to see which ones).  What we eat eventually does reach the soil and from the soil, beneficial microbes gradually make their way through the food chain and potentially back to us.  Terra Biosa is actually very similar to Vita Biosa 10+ with the addition of specific strains of “soil bacteria”.

The next question often is about how do probiotics help grow crops?  The answer is very similar to how microflora help us better digest our food so we can absorb nutrients.  You see, beneficial microbes themselves eat a lot of the food that is in soil and in turn their byproducts are nutrition that is small enough to be properly attained through the roots of vegetation.