How’s It Made

How Is Vita Biosa 10+ Made?


Vita Biosa10+ is created by fermenting organic molasses with a special recipe of 19 herbs designed for digestive health.  What really makes this probiotic drink effective though is its unique combination of 10 strains of good gut bacteria that we selected over years of careful observations.


A Triple-Fermentation Process

These ten beneficial microbial strains are given the molasses and herbs as food which they then ferment in three stages.  In the first two stages, which occur in separate brewing vats at the same time, we only ferment a subset of probiotics that play well together.  This is important so we’ll repeat: we ferment strains that play well together.  When these two separate concoctions are then mixed together, a third fermentation process begins naturally and after a few more days the fermentation slows and the brew becomes Vita Biosa10+.


Always a Living Product

So what you get is a living product, formed through natural processes.  It is still “alive” when bottled and will, like wine, alter its flavour with increasing time and after the bottle has been opened.  One of the byproducts of the triple-fermentation process is carbon dioxide which adds an increased pressure in the bottle and thus a sparkling effect.


The Details

The triple-fermentation process is controlled by heat and monitored by its pH (acidity) level.  During fermentation lactic acid is formed which produces a low pH value of about 3.5. At one point in the process, the aromatic herbs, which cause the lactic acid bacteria to duplicate that much faster, are essentially all digested and converted by the microbes, and the fermentation process continues. The low pH creates the proper environment for the coexistence of both anaerobe (not requiring oxygen) and aerobe (requiring oxygen) bacteria, and prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the finished product.  In other words, Vita Biosa10+ is naturally preserved, much like how “canned” food products are preserved.


Where Do The Bacteria Come From?

Biosa™ Inc. gets our beneficial microbes from only the best labs in the world as we feel this is important to produce a quality probiotic product.  Every batch that we create is fermented from seeds with certificates of authenticity so we know exactly we – and hence you our customers – are getting.  While we don’t disclose specifically which strains we use, we consistently use the same ones because they are part of our painstakingly developed recipe.  The labs that culture Vita Biosa 10+’s probiotics include:

Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark (strains are listed with prefix CHCC)
DSM (Kroninklije DSM N.V., The Netherlands)
Nestec S.A., Switzerland (strains are listed with prefix CNCMI)

The probiotics we use are commonly found in foods such as sauerkraut, cheeses and sourdough bread.