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What is Vita Biosa Liquid Probiotic?

Fermentation as Extraction

Fermentation increase the bio-availability of the active ingredients from medicinal plants.

Small Batch Fermentations

Small batches ensures maximum bio-availability and microbial count!

Certified Organic

No fillers, flavors or colors! Medicinal plants ensure the bio-availability of micronutrients.

Liquid Probiotic

The pH adjusted water ensures the bio-availability of living probiotics from your mouth, to bowel, to intestines!

Supports Intestinal Health

Probiotics support healthy gut bacteria that help prevent outsiders from making you vulnerable.

Gut Balance

Our cultures help increase beneficial bacteria population and maintain digestive health balance.

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Vita Biosa is a line of liquid probiotics that are fermented with 10 different live cultures and fortified with medicinal plants. Our unique, small-batch fermentation process enhances the bio-availability of the fortifying micro-nutrients for maximum immunological effect.

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