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Our Story

Vita Biosa North America is a family owned and operated company based in Ontario, Canada. We created Vita Biosa based on the overwhelming evidence that live cultured products have immense capacity to beneficially affect their environment, and by extension, anyone who consumes them!

We truly believe in the Power of Vita Biosa and make it a part of our family's daily routine.

Vita Biosa is the Original Liquid Probiotic.

We only produce Vita Biosa as a liquid probiotic, so it truly is a live product. Vita Biosa works all through the body and offers a list of benefits. Starting from the moment you take a sip and have the pH adjusted liquid in your mouth, Vita Biosa continues working as it travels through the entire digestive tract. 

Vita Biosa is for everyone, it does not discriminate. It works for men and women, young and old, healthy and ill, strong and the weak. It works for you.

We welcome you to Please have a good look around our site. The FAQ section will answer practical questions about Vita Biosa. The blog section features stories about different applications and outcomes as well as testimonials about Vita Biosa.

Finally, if you do not find answers to your questions then please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to hear from you!



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