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Liquid Probiotics

What are probiotics?

As you already know, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help maintain the health of your intestines. When your intestines are healthy, there is a greater chance that your body will be not only healthy but also happy!

Why should I drink my probiotics?

Rich in probiotic bacteria and enzymes, fermented foods have been known though out history to not only aid in the preservation of food but also to confer a number of health benefits.

“The American Academy of Nutrition recommends
three servings of fermented food per day.”

A liquid probiotic is a fermented food and offer easy and convenient access.

Although probiotic capsules and powders are supposedly full of probiotics, they can hardly be referred to as a fermented food. Another reason to chose Vita Biosa as your probiotic!

Fermentation and Bio-availability

“Bio-availability refers to the percentage of
nutrients your body is able to absorb.”

Macronutrients, like carbohydrates, are typically very bioactive. Micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals, are typically less bioavailable. Fermentation have been scientifically proven to increase the bio-availability of micronutrients. (Scheers et. Al., 2016; Lazarte et. Al., 2015)

The unique, small-batch fermentation process of Vita Biosa amplifies the bio-availability of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the medicinal plants added to the fermentation.

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